“I take my duty to be a clown extremely seriously.”

Reed Bradenstone — 2024

Richmond, VA — 5th District

People are People, Obviously

Yesterday, I was collecting signatures at my polling location and a voter told me that Stephanie Lynch ignored his multiple requests to address Move To Amend specifically, and more generally the neofascist idea that corporations are people and money is speech. To be perfectly clear about my positions, I am publishing the following list of things that are not people:

Corporations are not people.

Governments (“of,” “by,” and, “for,” notwithstanding) are not people.

Gametes, embryos, and fetuses are not people.

Money is not speech unless you write, “Fuck this guy,” over Andrew Jackson’s face.

Since a large swath of so-called “conservatives” are eagerly yearning to pull the switch on their shiny new genocide, let me also be perfectly clear about who are people. These are the people whose natural rights need to be protected and who need a voice in our government, not corporations:

Migrants are people.

Prisoners and former prisoners are people.

The displaced and homeless are people.

Addicts are people.

People with disabilities are people.

Neurodivergent people are people.

People of Color and Indigenous people are people.

People of every nationality and citizenship status are people.

Children (i.e., born) are people.

Reva Trammell is six yappy chihuahuas in a Spirit Halloween JK Rowling costume.

NOTE: This is not the same thing as voting for me.